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Prove Your Bravery With These Spooky Halloween Attractions In Ohio


Prove Your Bravery With These Spooky Halloween Attractions In Ohio

Halloween is fast approaching! Each passing day gets us closer to this horrifying night full of ghouls, ghosts, the undead, and more creatures prancing around. With how fast the holiday is coming, it is more and more important to get started planning on what scary attractions you are going to partake in. One of the best possible options, when you are looking for only the most disturbing and gruesome Halloween attractions in Ohio, is the Lake Eerie Fearfest!

Located near the beautiful Lake Eerie, you can experience the beautiful nature scenery before you learn what true dread is at our new self-guided tour. We will take you through over seven fully designed and decorated haunted rooms. Each one brings new and horrific terrors to keep you awake with your night light on. Are you strong and brave enough to get through them all? We hope, because who knows what will happen if you can’t get through.

Lake Eerie Fearfest is also near several other haunted Halloween attractions in Ohio. These range from the iconic Cedar Point’s Halloweekends, to others such as 7 Floors of Hell, Bloodview, Factory of Terror, and the Spooky Ranch. Each of these houses is truly terrifying, with deadly and dangerous scares. Ohio truly gets into the Halloween season with a level of spooks and scares unlike anywhere else! So, you have no shortage of choices for fun Halloween activities when you decide to come up to Northeastern Ohio.

However, know that one stands above the rest. That being us at Lake Eerie Fearfest! We take the true stories that have populated our great state of Ohio and recreate them, with each grisly and ghastly detail brought to life. Our team of scarers has spared no expense in order to create the greatest and scariest haunted attraction throughout Ohio.

Get your tickets today, before time runs out! Our tour runs on Fridays and Saturdays, 8 PM through 11 PM. There are only a few more weeks left in the Halloween season, make sure you come and visit us at Lake Eerie Fearfest before it’s too late. We have several ghosts that can’t wait to meet you…