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It’s Not Too Late For Some Scary Halloween Activities


It’s Not Too Late For Some Scary Halloween Activities

With only a few more days until Halloween, it’s definitely not too late yet to get started on some scary Halloween activities! From watching spooky movies to enjoying all your favorite fall treats, there are many amazing ways to enjoy the season. But, for those who wish to have something a little more thrilling, there is only one way to ring in the holiday, haunted houses that push the boundaries of horror. Luckily, there is one place where you can get exactly what you need. For, there is nothing scarier or Halloween-y than going to the most horrific haunted house here in Ohio, The Lake Eerie Fearfest. 

With disturbing and stomach-churning scares at every turn, only the bravest and strong-willed are able to defeat the challenge. We offer more than seven distinct floors, each teeming with ugly abominations and ghastly apparitions that are sure to make you scream. Our dedicated team has worked day and night making each and every one of the frights seen in our disturbing haunt. Now, the time is running out and there is only a little time left until our haunt goes away, making you think it might have all been a bad dream. Before you wake up, however, you need to explore each room, getting a fill of spooky Halloween fun. 

Lake Eerie Fearfest is truly one of Ohio’s most scary Halloween activities. It is a true test of bravery, going through several true and grisly Ohio tales that center our experience at Lake Eerie Fearfest. Many have tried, and few have succeeded. Are you up for the challenge? 

If so, then get your tickets today! There are only a few more nights available until Lake Eerie Fearfest goes into another slumber, and you do not want to miss this event. Tickets are 25 dollars for regular admission, and 35 dollars for fast-pass tickets that let you get in front of the line if waiting is not your style. So, get your tickets and come down to the Lake Eerie Fearfest, and find out why so many people have called us the best and scariest haunted house in Ohio.