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24 haunted houses to visit in Greater Cleveland this fall

We put together a guide to Northeast Ohio’s haunted attractions this year, and it includes all the best houses, hikes and hayrides in Cuyahoga County. Plus, we included some attractions in the surrounding suburbs, and popular spots within a couple hours’ drive from...

Ghostly Manor


As seen on The Travel Channel’s, “Best Places I’ve Ever Been,” Ghostly Manor Haunted House is one of the top rated haunts in the United States and is now better than ever! For over a decade, Ghostly Manor has received national accolades from DAFE, USA Today and FORBES. Ghosts lurk in every corner as you wander through this old mansion. See if you can make it all the way through Ghostly Manor as your deepest fears become reality!

Dead in the Water

From the people who brought you Ohio’s Scariest Haunted House, Ghostly Manor, we present our new haunted attraction for 2018 – Dead in The Water..

You will board the oldest ship known to man. There are no life jackets, and it is every man for himself as you traverse through the darkness. Try to run and you’ll be feedin’ the fishes. Getting off the ship will be your worst nightmare as creatures from the deep haunt you.

Find out what lies beneath in this one-of-a-kind haunted house that will leave you cursed.

You may get wet. Ponchos will be provided.


Quarantine holds the area’s most disturbed criminals. In 1786, it was named one the America’s Most Dangerous Prisons. Held in single cell prisons for 23 hours a day, many of the criminals died due to lack of ventilation. Never seeing daylight – many inmates reportedly suffered from psychological disorders yet were deemed competent for execution. After a lifetime of confinement, their souls still lurk in the old prison, known today as Quarantine. You can enter these haunted walls but there is no guarantee that you will come out sane.


Darkmare amplifies your fears with its no lights policy. Usually when you’re scared you run… in Darkmare, running would lead to suffering. “A slow, cold, shocking walk to an unknown future” is how many guests describe the black out haunted house. Feel the hairs raise on your arms and experience the unknown where you have no control of what happens next.

Eerie Chateau

Eerie Chateau is one of Lake Eerie’s oldest estates. Once home to William J. Biltmore III, many believe that something supernatural took over this home and his body. Once attacked by the walls of his own home, now William is the hunter and you are the hunted. Thought to be abandoned for more than 200 years, there is life inside Eerie Chateau. A shiver will curl down your spine and hurling out of the back door might set you free.

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